Comedy Cubed is a webseries created by Nicholas Merchant. It is based off a video called Accidental Success, which was originally intended to be a stand alone video.


Comedy Cubed is based off a stand alone video called Accidental Success, which was filmed in October 2013, and uploaded in November. It starred Nicholas Merchant and Alec Wyers. Accidental Success was N25's return to Youtube after a two month hiatus. It was met with positive reviews. It was decided to turn it into the pilot of a comedy sketch show, with new characters and stories every episode. A second episode was filmed, starring Nicholas Merchant and Anthony Devera, but was never uploaded as Merchant said it was "sub-par". In this unaired episode, Merchant did not reprise his role as Kevin from accidental success, but rather played a different (but similar) character. The third episode of Comedy Cubed (second aired) starred Merchant and Wyers reprising their roles from Accidental Success. Adrian Wyers joined them and played Kevin Jr. After this episode was met with positive reaction, it was decided that Comedy Cubed will focus on the characters from Accidental Success instead of a random sketch with new characters.


Nicholas Merchant as Kevin (Merchant also plays numerous minor characters)

Alec Wyers as himself (Wyers also plays numerous minor characters)

Adrian Wyers as Kevin Jr.