Uniquely Normal is a web series created by Nicholas Merchant. Over the course of its run, it has shuffled up its cast numerous times. The following is a complete list of both major and secondary characters from Uniquely Normal.

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Character Actor Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Charles Wong Anthony Devera Main - Supporting Supporting
Arthur Burnt Nicholas Merchant Main Main Main Main
Leroy Sam DuBose Guest Main Main Guest
Nate Martin Lukas Soneome - Main Main Guest
Sarah Weismann Katya Edwards - Supporting Main Main
Jake Rhys Lewis - - Main Main
Benny Alec Wyers - - Supporting Main
James Marc Mulligan - Guest Guest Cameo
Deryll Derek De Jong - - - Recurring

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Arthur Burnt, portrayed by Nicholas Merchant, is the only character to star in every season. He is normal, and is quite average. During the first and second seasons, Arthur acted as a straight man. He contrasted Charles's (and later Leroy, Sarah, and Nate's) crazier personalities. Arthur is generally considered the main character for the first two seasons, until the season two finale, which is the first and only episode not to feature him. In this episode, the show began focusing on the entire cast as an ensemble even more, and Arthur's role as the straight man for other characters to interact with was diminished, and he became a little crazier than before. His personality was reverted back to that of season 1 in season 3, when Charles returned and Arthur was made a straight man again. In The Uniquely Normal Movie, Arthur sometimes becomes awkward. Arthur has appeared in every episode except for Champion Pickpocket Part 2.

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